Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review Update

Hey guys, so I'm just updating you on the reviews for this month. I have gone to see Thor: Dark World and About Time. The reviews for these two films have have been filmed. I'll be editing them tonight into one movie review. If I get it done, I will put it up tomorrow. If not then you'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for it to go up.

The review for Frozen will be up when I see the movie, which will more than likely be on Black Friday because it comes out on Thanksgiving. It will hopefully be up on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I've been in love with this trailer, this was the trailer that was shown during the showing of About Time. While I was watching the previews I saw this trailer for Endless Time. My sister and I have plans to see this one too.
These are both really amazing and I cant' wait to see them.

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